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When will you respond to my email?

Can I make changes to my order? (e.g. note, delivery date)

How come my order didn't arrive on the delivery date I selected?

Gift Box damaged by delivery company

Gift Box different from the photo

Gift Box missing products or add-ons

Gift Box has the wrong product(s) inside it

Box sent out, but couldn’t be delivered due to wrong person, no contact person, incorrect addresses provided or no accessibility

Contents within the gift box has shifted during transport

Gift Box not delivered for 2+ days (during the delivery process)

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy



What areas do you deliver to?

How do I select a delivery date?

What if I need to request a delivery time?

Can you deliver to PO Boxes, Apartments and Rural Addresses?

Can I track my order?

How much is delivery?

Do you deliver on weekends?

What happens if the recipient isn’t home?

What happens if I provided you with the wrong address?

What are the estimated delivery times?

What happens if I made an order for perishable goods and I am a Rural (RD) Address?


Do your boxes have nuts or traces of nuts?

Can you make custom boxes?

What methods of payment do you accept?

Corporate or PR Orders

Do you accept large custom Corporate or PR orders?


Birthday Box Allergens

Bounty Fanatics Allergens

Boys Will Be Boys Allergens

Bueno Box Allergens

Caramel M&M's Box Allergens

Choc Lovers Allergens

Choc-oholic Box Allergens

Chocolate Brownie Box Allergens

Classic Donut Box Allergens

Classic Pink Donut Box Allergens

Coffee Addict Allergens

Flake Addict Allergens

For The Girls Box Allergens

Hokey Pokey Box Allergens

Kit Kat Box Allergens

Luxe White Box Allergens

M&M Lover's Allergens

Malteser Box Allergens

Mr Mint Allergens

My Little Princess Allergens

Nutella Box Allergens

Oreo Box Allergens

Party Box Allergens

Peanut Butter Lovers Allergens

Skittle Overload Allergens

Snickers Box Allergens

Twix Box Allergens

Peanut Slab Box Allergens

Dark Choc Box Allergens

I'm Bananas About You Box Allergens

Rolo Box Allergens

Mega Rolo Allergens

Wonka Nerds Box Allergens

FastFood Gummies Box Allergens

Unicorn Dreams Box Allergens

Baby Gender Reveal Box Allergen

Baby - It's A Boy Box Allergens

Baby - It's a Girl Box Allergens

It's a Girl - Large Box Allergens

Tradies get the Ladies Box Allergens

Birthday Box - Marble Box Allergen

Lovers:Dark Box Allergens

Lover:For Her Box Allergens

Bridesmaid Box Allergens

Aromatherapy Mens Grooming Box Allergens

Graduation - C's get Degrees Box Allergens

White Caramelised Choc Box Allergens

Ultimate Snack Box Allergens

Hand Drawn Portrait Box Allergens